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Zetro Integrated Services Sdn Bhd. 


  • Zetro Integrated Services Sdn Bhd was setup in 1999 to cater for expansion in scope of the current maintenance Contract under Contractorization to cover Malaysian Army and Royal Malaysian Navy Electronic Systems and Equipment.   Zetro Integrated Services Sdn Bhd is responsible for the repair and maintenance all Army and Navy equipment.

  • Zetro Integrated Services, with Zetro Technology, is involved in the Technology Transfer program for the Royal Malaysian Navy Super Lynx and Fennec and Army Agusta Helicopter Avionics.  This would involve maintenance / repair of Avionics systems for these helicopters.

Zetro was actively involved in the maintenance or Royal Artillery Electronic System and Equipment.  It has repaired and delivered the following equipment / systems :

Arty Quick Fire System

Eryx Missile Simulator System

Tellurometer MR AT

E.O.D Stethoscope

Bomb Disposal System (HOBO)

Zetro is also involved in the repair / maintenance for the Royal Malaysian Police Integrated VHF Communications Systems and has repaired / delivered the following systems :

VHF Integrated System Consoles

MSF 500 Base Station

Central Interface Unit (CIU)

Central Electronic Bank (CEB)

Racal Recorders

PA Modules

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