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Image by Vlad Chernolyasov


Z-KRIS is a Malaysian concept, designed and developed locally to provide coastal surveillance to assist relevant enforcement authorities and agencies in the monitoring of all maritime activities and command and control of available resources. It is a network of strategically located radar sensors complemented with electromechanical/optical sensors, RDF, Transponders, DGPS and optional UAVs to detect and identify all sea surface targets from dinghies to ocean-going vessels.

Z-KRIS offers excellent value for money providing an optimum solution for maritime surveillance and other maritime applications including border control, monitoring illegal immigration, illegal fishing, anti-smuggling, anti-piracy, SAR and environmental protection activities.

Surveillance Sensors

Zetro offers turnkey systems complete with Radar sensors, Electro-optical sensors, Radio Direction Finders, Beacon Transponders, differential Global Positioning System for :

Coastal Surveillance

Vessel Traffic Services

Off-shore Platform


For Long and Short range detection under all weather and abnormal propagation conditions of targets such as:


High speed boats

Rigid inflatable boats

Large vessels

Fishing Vessels

Pleasure boats

Low level aircraft



To monitor and assist in:

Detection of Insurgents

Illegal Immigrant Control

Vessel Traffic Management

Environment Protection

Search and Rescue

Border & Coastal Surveillance

Hostage situations

Pollution monitoring

Fisheries control

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