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Zetro Base Information System (ZeBaIS)

ZeBaIS® is a PC-based management tool for Airbase Operation Centers to monitor and manage day-to-day base operations including Search and Rescue, Alert and Crisis management.  Information on resources such as personnel, aircraft, equipment and vehicles and other operational data such as air traffic, weather and other information can be dynamically compiled and displayed on multiple display systems for operational use.

Type of Data

Aircraft Information

  • Aircraft

  • Pilot and Crew

  • Pilot and Ground Vehicle

  • Ground Equipment

  • Duty Personnel

Operational Information

  • Master Flight Schedule

  • Active Flight Schedule

  • Weather

  • NOTAMs

Base Information

  • Defence Weapon

  • Ammunition

  • Specialized Vehicles

  • Special Equipment

  • Ration

Master Reference Data

  • Aircraft Specifications

  • Ground Vehicle Specifications

  • Equipment Specification

  • Airfield Configuration

  • Personnel, Flt Role, Route etc

Main Features

ZeBaIS® utilizes multiple displays to provide information graphically or in a concise text display.  The display templates can be set in term of location, priority, scrolling and primary / secondary displays. With proper display assignment, the Base Commander can quickly assess his current situation at any given time.

ZeBaIS® is also designed to work as a standalone without automation. It provides alert notifications in order to ensure that all data are updated properly.  In an integrated mode, relevant information can be exchanged between two or more ZeBaIS® equipped airbases.

ZeBaIS® also provides reporting and statistic data.  Statistics on asset availability, outage and usage hours can be easily provided.  Other reports can be generated with part of the report template or extracted as a MS EXCEL file for specific data manipulation.


ZeBaIS® Integrated provides the consolidated information from all ZeBaIS® installed and displays at the Main Command Center. The display templates would be able to show status of each ZeBaIS® and also consolidated information based on sectors and region.

General Specifications

Quantity varies according to user requirements.

Main Module and Database runs on MS Windows Server 2003.

Database is MS SQL servers.

Primary and secondary pentium servers.

Tape or CD backup.

Clients run on MS Windows XP.

Standard Pentium PC.

Panasonic Plasma Flat Screen.

  • Available screen size 65", 50", 40" and 37".

  • CD Pjojector.

100 MBit Ethernet Switch.

  • Numbers of parts depend on user requirements.

All equipment connects over Ethernet LAN.

Integration via Gateway PC and modem to other bases.

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