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Zetro Repair and Calibration Centre


The contractorization of Avionics and Ground Electronics equipment and systems involved the take over of more than 1600 of RMAF Test Equipment by Zetro.  As custodian, the calibration of this Test Equipment become the responsibility of Zetro. Furthermore, Zetro has acquired on its own in access of 400 Test Equipment.

To meet this extended responsibility of maintaining and calibrating this large inventory of Test Equipment, Pusat Pembaikan dan Kalibrasi Zetro (Zetro Repair and Calibration Centre) was established in 1999.  The main centre is in Butterworth with sub-centres in Subang and Kuantan.  In addition to maintaining the serviceability and calibration status of the test equipment under Zetro, the centre also carries out repair and calibration of RMAF test equipment so as to make the centre financially viable.

Zetro intends to establish the Calibration Centre as the Centre of Excellence for the repair and calibration of all test equipment in the Malaysian Armed Forces.

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