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ZHN Operations 

Engine of Growth (EOG)

In EOG, we put together 4 different departments into one shared space to ensure data /information flows with zero error. This is done mainly to maximize efficiency of our operation as well as the quality of our results.

Situation Room

With our expertise, we have managed to integrate the readings from all of our ground radars and display this in one screen. We have built the Situation Room to house the data gathered from the ground radars and display them for observation purposes.

Administration Office

We take care of business operations, public relations, and the management procedures in this office with our experienced personnel.

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

Our business is made more efficient and effective with the help of ICT. It allows the business to store, process, analyze, and share a large amount of data. This system simplifies the decision making process for our employees and hence enabling us to respond rapidly to business opportunities or threats.  

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